Veil by Akwu Sunday Victor


Akwu Sunday Victor

This veil of silence

That has been thrust upon my tongue

Only the fierce fires of Akpabana

Can break the iron veil of silence

That has coated my tongue

It was in the house of prayer

The house of prayer

That my tongue was taught to sing

My heart was taught to tremble

I was taught that men like me

Who have two eyes just like mine

Whose shit smell just like mine

Whose hands are not more than mine

I was taught from childhood

To tremble when their shadows

Shadows appeared for they are oracles

Oracles are they of heaven sent

Sent among men, so tremble

Tremble like a broken bough

On the beak of the wingless wind

I know that this day, this day

I am not what I was

Even if speaking out in rage

Rage against this I see, the exploitation

Of the people's silence, exploitation

Of the people's fear of hell,

Hell that is not far away, hell

They have been pushed into

Hell of their silence

Hell of their blindness

Giving away their sweats to human beings

Thinking they are building treasures

Treasures somewhere in the sky

But who, son of Ubaji, who is that man

Flying in private jet?

Who is that man who has built schools and universities,

But his church members cannot attend?

I ask again, who is that man, that man who eats

Drinks, and sends his children abroad

And to private schools while we linger

In the limbo of strike ridden, god-forsaken

Schools, are we not abandoned nests?

See, you cannot fool me

I will hence go to orphans and widows

And plant on their brows

Seeds of laughter, and on widow's

Broken hearts, I will plant seeds

Of laughter

You can't just fool me.


Akwu Sunday Victor

Akwu Sunday Victor holds a degree in English and Literary Studies and is presently a post graduate student.