To ORB by Apostle Peter IV

                   Apostle Peter IV

I dreamt I saw an egg, a red egg
On your palms,
Cracked, sick and wet with a red liquid
Like blood in a nylon.
Little did I know you were already no more.
I woke up from the dream sweating profusely
I felt rueful without knowing why.

What horrors and night mares
Did you not see in your days?
What agonies and tortures
Have you not passed through
In the hands of the guardians of the night?
The telluric ones who sat through
Nights and nights shorn of mercy.
Your tongue, tied by their wicked strings
Your jaws, hooked by their evil harpoon
Swift as the sting of a scorpion
And sharp as the quills of the porcupine.
They make a feast of your flesh!
Oh ORrrrB, what a pity!

Our relatives are gathered, see them!
The Idaba of our clansman and woman
Sit this very moment to mourn your eternal flight
Men cannot drink ‘Kain-Kain’
The taste has gone sour on their tongues.
Women cannot sing ‘aroo’
They have lost their voices to sniffs and sobs
The young ones cannot drink ‘oghi’
Your ghost stand in awe
And gaze, but cannot close the rift
Between the dead and living
Your age mates are gathered to
Pay obeisance to your cadaver
They stand in anger and melancholy.

Enough! Enough! Enough!
Oh, ORB is gone!
Death has found a dwelling abode amongst us
Come everyone,
Let’s wage war against death
And drive him a million miles
Beyond Aboto river,
Beyond Arungbo,
Beyond Kiji and Apalona
Let Arunni drive him away from our village
Let the ‘Goodwomen’ rise to disarm him
Let’s join force to sanctify our village
Point out the ugly ones who have refused to die
So the beautiful ones can live longer with us.
The dead and the ugly ones must go
To the far side of the world in the west,
Let them disappear with the setting of the sun,
And never rise again
Till the judgment day of the ultimate God.
Apostle Peter IV

Meet the Poet

Olorunmaiye Peter Damilola whose pseudonym is Apostle Peter IV is a young Nigerian poet and graduate of Kogi State University, Ayingba. The untimely exit of his sister propelled the writing of this poem.