They'll Hang me at Dawn

They’ll Hang me at Dawn

                                         Kizito Valentine

A painter of truth, I was

But they broke my brushes and spilt my paints

Tore my canvas and murdered my saints

And my reputation they marred with taints.

Yet, I picked a paper and ink

And with words I painted truth

But they took my paper and pen too

And threw me in a dark dungeon

So I could no more see the sun rise and set.

Yet, my mind flew freely as a bird

Harvesting what was left of imagination

And sang from the heart

Till my voice shook their grounds

And stormed their enclaves

Their surly faces twitched with anger

Foreheads wrinkling in disappointment

For though they robbed me of all glory

They couldn't take away the music in my soul.

And so they’ll hang me at dawn

Still a bird shall perch on the gallows when am gone

And continue the song they would not let me sing.

Valentine Kizito

Meet the Poet

Valentine Kizito is a neo-romantic and a fine artist from Kenya. He is a 24 year old student at Moi University.

His poems are lyrical and have universal themes. They appeal to human emotion and also exhibit a strong sense of individualism and sentimental love of nature.