The Rings Around my Neck by John Jay one Ayinmiro


John Jay one Ayinmiro

Tragedy consoles comedy

Corrupt future of the unborn

Sagging breasts of virgins

Who cares if the pope marries

Killing and bombing like fireworks at xmas

Naira lying in state

Jobless graduates more than humans

Lifeless experience caricaturing reality

Poverty is like a bee on our scrotum

Politics of insanity

Government of Armageddon

Our democracy is Agamemnon

The court speaks truth than devil

Even the traffic light lies

Tangling economy, bitter leaf politics

What if our oil dries up

17 years of barren fruitfulness

Maggot infested tribalism

My religion is norm hypocrisy

Power supply my greatest discomfort

Oh! I see hope on our thumb

An end to all mysteries

Masses shouting for a transformed change

But it begins with  ME & YOU!

John Jay one Ayinmiro

Meet the Poet

John Jay one Ayinmiro is a student of English and Literary Studies at Kogi State University, Anyigba. He is a creative writer, a poet and a lyricist. He uses simple diction and catchy expressions for easy comprehension of his works.