Poverty Must Fall by T. Thabani and N. N. M. Toiwa


Thabbs Thabani and Nellah Nonkondlo Mtanenhlabathi Toiwa

Deep in the jungle of  life

we roam, we run

We run to and fro

Racing from side to side

Shielding ourselves from  the storm

Beneath a roof we stand

Yet the ravenous beast eats us up from within

The stench from our empty belly is killing!

Let us kill this beast!

We have been cheated enough

I tire to see my brothers wrestle for leftovers

I am bored with watching mama

Amass cardboard boxes to design

A queen's contentment zone!

Fed up I am!

I am tired of seeing papa wandering

On the streets of Bulawayo

Foraging from one trash can to another

To quell the groans of hungry snakes

Making meals out of my dried intestines

No, this has to stop!

Woe to the beast who turns our girls into flesh sellers

And teaches our boys to be light fingered

His fear make despots and tyrants of our leaders

As they in turn fill our lives with the flakes of hell

Teaching a man to hold a bayonet against his brother;

Our leaders who are full of themselves yet empty

And should we not ask

Of what use is an empty vessel?

What problem can a weak brain conquer?

No worries though,

Tables have been known to often turn fast

And this one will

We must seek the wisdom to bury this beast.

As the wise men from the East

We shall follow the star, the rising star

We shall sell

We shall buy

Buy and sell

Work and play

Speak and say

Stand up and grab a shovel!!!

This we shall do to kill the beast

We must upturn the earth to bury it

And let a good new life grow from its decay.

Only the spears of hard work can kill this beast

We are on the march, with our nets, hoes and cutlasses

We go to hunt and kill this beast!

Poverty must fall!


Thabs Thabani

Thabs Thabani is a Zimbabwean poet with a flair for words. His works are yet to be published but he is keen on publishing.

He wrote a poem for Bulawayo's upcoming Accapella group (Focus) titled "Blessed Assurance". He has co-authored poems with writers like Elizabeth "Afro-poetess" Semende Valz Tee. He believes he is his own muse for he is the only constant in his writing.

Nellah Nonkondlo Mtanenhlabathi Toiwa

Nellah Nonkondlo Mtanenhlabathi Toiwa is a poetess from Zimbabwe. She has published some poems online and she is working on her second collection of poetry .she has been labelled an elegiac poetess because of the lamentation in her poems mostly about social issues.Nellah is also a spoken word poetess and an upcoming author. She writes poetry in Ndebele and English.