Two Poems (Memories of You are Difficult to Erase and If) by FGP

Memories of You are Difficult to Erase

My heart aches for you still

It might sound stupid that I care for you still

I never thought it would end so

Remain strong for this I must do to conceal my flaw

You will one day realize I did what I did for your sake.

You occupy my heart still

I have told myself to move ahead

Yet I am getting nowhere without you

I have to erase you from my heart

But I fear that will take all of existence.

It is difficult to forget you

I have found myself asking if this is love

Your memories bring me sweet joy

While our separation causes me pain

I beg of you, be strong.

I shall always remember you

Your name is forever etched in my heart

It is now a scar I have to carry about

Though I try, I cannot stop thinking of you

Memories of you are just too difficult to erase.

Friday Godwin Promise (FGP)


If the choice had been mine to make

I will not be part of existence

I will not be the child of my parent

I will not have the friends and relatives I now have

I will never have panicked while growing.

If the choice had been mine to make

Mum would never have experienced pain

To give birth to me

She should never have laboured to raise me

She never would have cried when I took ill and almost died

She could have have had happiness all her life.

If the choice had been mine to make

I will not have felt lonely

After I left my parents home

I will never have known human treachery

I never would have faced the harshness of life

If the choice had been mine to make

I will choose never to grow old

No one would have to mourn me

Or cry when I am no more.

But the choice is not mine to make

Was never even mine in the first place

Yet I have chosen to embrace fate

I must face the realities of life

Make impact in the life of others and make them happy

I have to face life challenges

Be a good son to my parents

And a great father to my children when I grow up

I will not panic as I grow old and near death

Even though I still wish the choice was mine to make.

Friday Godwin Promise (FGP)

Friday Godwin Promise (FGP)

Meet the Poet

Friday Godwin Promise (popularly known as FGP) is an SS 1 student of Anglican Grammar School (Snr) Ota, Ogun State.

He is fifteen years old and he is an intelligent, budding and young poet.