A Young Man Shares his Thoughts by Emmanuel Friday



It hurts so much to be lonely

It hurts to lose someone you love

I wish you could be here with me

I wish I did not have to lose you

But you are gone for good

And even though I am deeply hurt

I want you to be happy wherever you are.


The world is increasing

Population is also increasing

Criminal activities are increasing

Crisis is also increasing

Government oppression is increasing

The death rate and life loss is also increasing

Unemployment is increasing

And famine is increasing.

Where are we headed to?

Must we continue like this?


You feel tormented when you lose loved ones

You will feel hurt when a member of your family is gone

It hurts when your friend and the love of your life dies

You would hear your heart being torn apart

But you must be strong for them

Stay alive and pray not to lose anyone anymore.


People assume they are better than others

The rich and poor are both equal

At least, they both die.


Politics should be about making decisions

That would be of benefit to the people

But our politicians oppress the masses

With the political power they came begging for,

Their politics is that of tyrants

And a greed for power.


They will make you sad

They will make you smile

They will encourage you

They will give you hope

You are everything (and nothing without) your family

Family is where you find peace, love and care.

Emmanuel Friday

Emmanuel Itoro Friday

Meet the Poet

Emmanuel Itoro Friday School is an S. S. S. 2 student of Sesam International Group of School, Sango Ota. He is a 16 years old young philosopher cum poet.