Nostalgia by Orisa Onyemachi


The drumbeat rises again

From the grounds of our unsullied past

Through the fading film of years

In strong notes of gripping cadences

Laden with green images

Surging through the bridges of time

Evoking wistful dreams

Of the morning the rattle nourished

Beside the glowing hearth

Where rose the pristine pulsations

Of a drum that once sounded

Ginnie, the drumbeat rises again

From the grounds of our primeval past

Through the undulating hills of time

The drumbeat rises again

Fragrant with green memories

Listen to this throbbing beat, speaking

Of the rolling streams of time, fading

Into song of sweet remembrances

For the twilight is slowly approaching

To mark the end of a pilgrimage

Catch the pulse, catch the rhythm

Sacha! Mark the husky voice of Ataadu

Caught by the fire, singing the refrain

Of Agwe's heroic song of Akorda's

Exploits in the land of the spirits

Beside the hearth that once hummed

Where we were nourished on dreams

Dreams that made us reach for the stars

Ginnie Jenkins, Sacha!

Listen to this drumbeat

Pulling the legs to the old footpath

Towards Egbelu road

Beside the resonating rattle

It is the tie that binds!

Indeed, here is the tie that binds!

Orisa Onyemachi

Meet the Poet

Orisa Onyemachi is an indigene of Rivers State. Schooled in Western Ahoada County High School, Rivers State COE and University of Port Harcourt where he studied English Education. He works with the state Ministry of Education. Onyemachi is married with children.