My Religion by Nkosiyazi Kan Kanjiri


Nkosiyazi Kan Kanjiri

If I were to talk about my religion

I would talk about a rag tossed into a mud pool

I would talk of a path lost in the doldrums of civilization

I would talk of a god that succumbed

To the god of other lands

I pity my religion

For it is gone

Buried under the pages of a book

My kinsmen do not comprehend.

Nkosiyazi Kan Kanjiri

Nkosiyazi Kan Kanjiri was born of a Shona father and Ndebele mother in Harare, Zimbabwe. He attended various schools in four provinces in Zimbabwe (Matebeleland North, Matebeleland South, Harare and Mashonaland Central) and this made him acquire a wide knowledge of the Ndebele and Shona cultures that are the major tribes of Zimbabwe.  In 2013,  whilst running his A level at Dotito high school, Nkosiyazi became a junior member of parliament for Mt. Darwin West constituency. Nkosiyazi is a published writer and some of his works have been published in Tsurondisunge (a Shona poetry anthology) True Lies ( an English short story anthology) and Eagle on the Iroko ( an anthology of poems in memory of Chinua Achebe, published in Nigeria). Some of his unpublished poems have featured in the Sunday Mail a weekly Zimbabwean paper. Currently, Nkosiyazi is in his third year, studying social work at the University Of Fort Hare, South Africa.