DEM-ALL-KRAZY by Apostle Peter IV


                                         Apostle Peter IV


                 To those elephants

                 In the ant's cave


                 Like the the monsters roaring

                 In their krazy- rocky abode.

                 Many irokos

                 Beautyful ones and innocent victims

                 Have kicked the bucket

                 In the name of that thing in the bucket

                 Has things not fallen apart?

                 No wonder the petals is full of blood.

                 From khaki to Agbada

                 The monsters changes their clothes like chameleons

                 In their krazy- rocky abode.

                 Aren't them krazy?




                 They're all krazy

                 Take dem to Àrò

                 For immunization

                 But if dem proof kraziness

                 And refuse to be immuned

                 Shackle dem all

                 And slice dem

                 As a cook slices tomatoes




                 Stand up and attack dem

                 As others do in their various caves

                 Attack dem with your might .

                 Arise and stop dem from eating your eggs.

                 Save your offsprings future.

                 Yes, if you can wipe dem down

                 Then shall you sing to your offsprings;

                 Weep not child

                 For the beautyful ones are upright

                 The ugly ones are dead

                 The season of anomie is over

                 The African dream is now clear

                 We have nailed the devil to the cross

                 No more river between.

                 This is our chance

                 The minute of glory has come

                 Thanks to the ultimate God

                 What God has established

                 Let no krazy kat kick at it.


Apostle Peter IV

Meet the Poet

Olorunmaiye Peter Damilola whose pseudonym is Apostle Peter IV is a young Nigerian poet and graduate of Kogi State University, Ayingba. The untimely exit of his sister propelled the writing of this poem.