Jungle by Amadi Paul Njoku


This jungle is that land

Where the future is webbed in desolate dreams

And each thread of hope is dried up

Like a lake cut off from a life-giving stream.

This jungle is that land

Where the dagger-hoofed beasts, masters of loot

Trample on the frail masses, earnestly

Whetting their callous knife of greed

Ploughing the people's patrimony to fill their porous pockets.

This jungle is that land

Where impunity culture is gloried so high

Because her laws are too weak to fight a just cause

Where depraved dealings spread wildly like a leprous sore

Overwhelming victims with its maddening juiciness;

The sharpest knife is the bluntest.

This jungle is that land

Where talents and lofty ideas die unharnessed

Under the very watch of her leaders--

Leaders who live only for themselves

Leaving behind dusty footmarks for a legacy; the led

Grope in continued and deep-seated blackout

After seasons of miscarriage promises.

This jungle is that land

Where life is unsafe, and like ill-fated cows

Children, youths, men and women bearing hope of better days

Are butchered daily in tons and many more led away

In broad daylight to be caged in caves

Where their freedom is bartered for a ransom.

This jungle is that land

Where the "change" that lagged last,

Limping along on the arm of time

Changed her flag bearers

Choking the masses who had hungered and thirsted for it.

Did we not know change is a two-bagger slang

That we failed to ask which was to come?

Yes, this jungle is that land

Where the growing suckers that had survived

The bleak days, egged on by the need to undo the change

Shall in time; once and forever;

Lift the banner of hope.

Amadi Paul Njoku

Meet the Poet

Amadi Paul Njoku, author of ERAZ Literature-in-English for senior secondary schools, hails from Amasiri in Afikpo north, Ebonyi State. He's a poet, literary essayist and critical analyst. He resides in Lagos where he has taught the English language and Literature-in-English in many schools and SSCE/UTME examination coaching centres. Some of his poems have appeared in Saturday's Daily Sun Newspaper--a bimonthly publication and other national dailies. He is currently with JEFAD COLLEGE, Corker Estate, Lagos, where he is a preceptor of the same subjects. He has also to his credits, many unpublished works across the three genres of literature.