I Nurse my Wounds Silently by Akwu Sunday Victor

I nurse  my wounds silently

Somewhere at the world's extreme ends

Somewhere where the fading sun

Leaves behind oblong shadows

Deep in my soul where daggers

Have drawn blood, I stretch hands

To bandaged broken ligaments

Deep in my soul, blisters stood

Head down like bats with claws

Sunk into the succulent tissues of the mind

But silently I nurse the bullet words

Carelessly thrown to inflict injury

Because today, he, she, they, sit

Where the sun smiles potently behind them

They decreed their tongues

To cast hailstones at me

They decreed their eyes to make mushroom

Of my being

Their words are pepper on broken flesh

Their words are teargas in cataract eyes

I nurture the pains, I nurse the hurts

For I know, I too will unfold my foliages.

Though now at the base of the forest

I will rise with a mighty foliaged head

Dancing above the ocean of foliages

But for now,

I can only nurse my wounds silently.

Akwu Sunday Victor

Meet the Poet

Akwu Sunday Victor holds a degree in English and Literary Studies and is presently a post graduate student.