I Gave her a Hand of Fellowship by Akwu Sunday Victor

I gave her a hand of fellowship

I wanted us to be Adam and Eve

Stark naked in the garden of our home

I spent all my life scratching the earth

The needles of life pierced my fragile limbs

I became a salaaming coward before her people

They took long knives and punctured my pocket

And all the grains I gathered they sieved from me

And all these while, she cleaved to them

As they all feasted upon the grain I came with.

"Blood is thicker than water. Eat now, you and we

May not eat again when you have changed

Your home address."

I, my neck, became a giraffe

And my eyes became that of an owl's but I plodded

Until I came home with the laurel

I gave her a hand of fellowship,

When all around her friends lived

Husband and wife, I gave her a hand

And we were friends, I gave her a hand

When she washes the dishes, I our clothes.

I gave her a hand of fellowship

Then one day she ate the fruit

She plucked it from the lips of some poetess

And she ate the fruit and when I returned

From scratching the earth, I met status quo

Where is my meal and she showed me the door

Yes, the door to the kitchen. I am with your seed.

I laughed. I went. I brought. We ate. I laughed.

Then I remembered the words of sages,

'Give a leper a handshake and

He will reach for the elbow'. The elbow!

She has eaten the fruit. Her eyes opened.

I haven't. So, I laughed over all.

And then it came

The duty roster!


Husband. Wash dishes.


Wife. Cook the meal.

Next day.

Husband. This. Wife. That.

The roster. Timetable.

Friend. Lover. You are to me.

Friend. Lover. I am to you.

Give Eve breathing space

And she will dialogue with the devil

Give Eve a breathing space

And she will eat the fruit

Make her equal and she rides upon you.

We are partners. Friends. Partners.

Be what you want to be.

But you are my wife.

Are you not?

Now that makes the difference!

Akwu Sunday Victor

Meet the Poet

Akwu Sunday Victor holds a degree in English and Literary Studies and is presently a post graduate student.