Colour of the Sun by Obiajulu Nwodo

Color of the Sun

            Obiajulu Nwodo

My love is the color of the sun

Not like yours hidden in that dungeon you call heart

whenever we go outside; where your love becomes the color of night.

Indoors, our lips become a padlock

Your hands become two rivers softening this rigid body you make fun of

I am not yours when we sit on a pouch

Even though we exchanged two big 'shiny' rocks in a church and said: "Amen we are one."

Baby, my love is the color of the sun

unashamed, unhindered, not hidden

Yours stretch my nerves before your friends to remind them I am yours to possess

Then indoors, you prick the flesh  between my legs to make me forget

Darling your love is morning and night

Hot and cold, in and out

You turn the switch on and off

My love is the color of the sun

Yours is not right

You are color of night

Look at you


Obiajulu Nwodo

Obiajulu Nwodo is a Nigerian writer who is finding her feet in poetry. She loves exploring women writings and  holds promises of becoming a great poetess and novelist someday.