Ayingba by Akor Emmanuel Oche


(after a visit to a fellow poet)

I know of a city

miles away from the land of the setting sun.

Red earth rise from

every gallant step, each foot imprinted on dusty

earth stupefy this first stranger.

As a welcome note,

Blue House wets the eyes with the image of

suppressed smiles on skimpy dressed damsels

chewing the sour savours of their youth away.

Literate palms, at noon, embrace each other.

Illuminated by sunlight

on gladdened sprits, discusses are borne--

on the breast of critical thoughts.

Night creeps in with her crawlers

in twos, in fours, in flashy cars,

all stationed around suya joints,

in moans and paused breaths;

prostitution available for cheap purchase...

This room is lit at twilight

by farts from the annals of intellectual discourse.

Tomorrow will another poem emerge from the forge.

For now, the call of another city tilts our feet toward home.

*Ayingba is a town in Dekina Local Government area of Kogi state. The siting of Kogi State University in this town has made it quite famous.

Akor Emmanuel Oche

Meet the Poet

Akor Emmanuel Oche is an Etteh (Benue State) born poet, critic, essayist and thinker. He is an editor/book agent with Royallite publishers, East Africa. He lives and writes from Ajaokuta, Kogi state, Nigeria.