Things that Hurt much more than Pain by Friday Godwin Promise

Things that Hurt much more than Pain

                                                      Friday Godwin Promise

The happenings in the world make me lament

I see the pathetic life we live;

Filled with anguish, despair, and desolation.

They blind us with spurious talks and laughter

Never thinking about the pain they invoke upon us

We are despicable to them and they refuse our entreaties

And it matters less how nice it sounds

For it is nonsense to their ears.

They inflict severe pain upon us

And make us detest being born

They push us towards wrong doings

And I wonder what the future holds

The hope and strong foundations laid by our forebears

For generations yet unborn have been shattered

By the bulldozers of the wicked grizzled ones.

They despise the voice of our sweet griots

And barricade their ears when we sing.

When they feel exasperated

They cast their wrath upon us

Oblivious of our pain

We are apartheid in our country and treated as slaves

They refuse us freedom

Their attitude is that of indifference to our issues

The things that hurt much more than pain

Make me despise this world

Make me never want to return to this world

And make me even regret my time in the world!

I feel bad since I cannot retaliate

I think of the life they make us live

And the pain and agony never cease to ease.

The pain is always on the increase and never ephemeral

They have deprived the weak of their future

And made it appear as if it never existed

I wake up and pain and sorrow swell in my heart

As a sore that knows no cure

And has defied treatment to remain forever.

Yet, I am not hopeless and remain undaunted

I see a better future, better than our current existence,

Even though the things that hurt much more than pain

Escorts me as a shadow that never vanishes.

Given the opportunity for a better life

Perhaps we would not have had this life of pain and agony

That has trailed our past existence till now.

I wish for nothing more than freedom

From the things that hurt much more than pain.

Friday Godwin Promise

Meet the Poet

Friday Godwin Promise (popularly known as FGP) is an SS 1 student of Anglican Grammar School (Snr) Ota, Ogun State.

He is fifteen years old and he is an intelligent, budding and young poet.