A Crime of Love by Gabla Godwin


Gabla Godwin

My heart has been pierced by a burning spear

That same spear which guarded the walls of my heart

From the burning sensation of being hurt...

That same spear that gave me hope when I had none left

That same spear that captured my mind from captivity

Into a world of lasting freedom and joy...

My heart has been thrown aboard by

She who called it aboard the flight of love...

Like a burning sensation in the deepened

Walls of my heart,

The pain has escalated to my eyes

And all I can do is to cough tears

Sneeze hmmmmmmmmm and

Drink of pain like palm wine from

My grandfather's special calabash.....

Shall I resurrect from this death trap?

One that has sold my mind and soul like

A slave to Master Pain...

I'm locked up in my own chains

Like a thief....

Well, my crime is not thievery

Mine is love!

© Gabla Godwin2016

Godwin Gabla

Gabla Godwin is a young, talented Ghanaian poet, literary enthusiast and a Novelist. He is the author of Doom's Dawn (A Tale of a Cultist). He has a few poetry collections to his credit and has featured in some international poetry anthologies. Considering his proficiency in writing, it is quite surprising that he has no certificate in English language or Literature. You can check out some of his poems on his blog: ggabla.WordPress.com