Our Perforated Zinc

Our Perforated Zinc

It feels so good lying on the mat

Enjoying the tickles from bed bugs and

Staring at our perforated zinc.

To enjoy this beautiful view

Your room must be without ceiling

So you can see the myriad rays of light

Lacerating through the zinc holes

It is like the night sky filled with stars

It is even more beautiful on a moonlit night

Those lights peeping through the holes

Bore round holes on the mat and appear

Like spotlights on a theatre stage.

But when it rains

You become restive

You run from pillar to post

And wonder why father could not

Afford a new zinc

Water drops everywhere

And you must mop it all

No rest,

No sleep.

Tonight is one of those nights

Without the smell of rain

I lie on my mat lost in a maze

Of intersecting moonlight beams

And wonder at this beauty that can

Only be enjoyed when there is no rain.

Ubaji Isiaka Abubakar Eazy 2016